Kitchen Cabinets & Tops

Cabinets interiors can have white melamine (a white durable surface over particle board), or wood veneer core that is clear coated. Drawer boxes can be melamine, wood veneer core, or solid hardwood with dovetail joints. Build my own laminate tops with a variety of edges. Laminate tops are built in our own shop.

Oak cabinets go all the way to the top of the nine foot ceiling. The doors, side and front panels our all raised panels. There is under cabinet lighting under all the wall cabinets. To the right is a close up of the hand carved island braces. The granite tops and backs were done by another contractor.

The top dividers make those cake pans and cookie sheets easily accessible.

I did the Curve island front panel and braces on both of these. The left one is birch, the bottom is cherry.

Maple cabinets with a natural finish. The island display cabinet has interior lighting and glass shelving. The wiring runs up the center of the leg and is not visible. The corian counter tops that have a gold inlay around the perimeter were done by another contractor.

Oak cabinets stained a medium brown stain. Square raised panel doors on the base cabinets with cathedral raised panel doors on the wall cabinets. Laminate counter tops with a beveled oak edge.

The lazy susan makes this corner cabinet more user friendly.

Red oak cabinets with a square raised panels on the base cabinets, and cathedral raised panels for the wall cabinets. There is an appliance garage in the corner. Laminate counter tops with a laminate backslash.

The six pull out shelves and six adjustable shelves on the bottom give a lot of storage space.

These dividers work great for cookie sheets and cake pans. The white melamine interior is easy to clean.

Pull out shelves make a very versatile pantry cabinet along with the compartments on the upper doors. The adjustable shelves in the top cabinet work fine for larger items like cereal boxes.

This oak kitchen has a galley rail on the top of the wall cabinets. Broom closet to the left of the fridge, appliance garage in the corner and a pantry cabinet on the right. Laminate counter tops have a beveled solid wood oak edge.

Red oak kitchen with cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling to gain that extra storage. When you open the doors you can see what is way on top. If your a little short like me you will need a step stool to retrieve the items. Laminate counter tops have a beveled oak wood edge.

Oak cabinets with a soffit above. The laminate counter tops have a solid oak front.

Oak cabinets with a light brown finish. The wall cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling with separate doors on top. On the other side of the kitchen is a huge pantry that goes all the way to the ceiling and a display cabinet above the fridge.

This kitchen has two peninsulas (both with snack counters, one raised and the other is at the same height), custom oak range hood, and a huge pantry along the back wall. The built in fridge and double oven add more floor space in the kitchen. There is a built in microwave with a cabinet above in the upper left corner that is cut off a little in the picture. The granite like laminate counter tops have a beveled oak wood edge around the perimeter.

This island cabinet has a full sized fridge in it. The cabinets are oak with a reddish finish. The laminate tops with a beveled oak edge top all the base cabinets and the raised snack counter. There is a drop in range behind the raised snack bar.

These are custom. The standard measurements don't apply here. Base cabinets are 29 inches deep and have a counter top height of 38 inches (easy on the back). The wall cabinets are 16" deep and go all the way to the top of an 96 inch ceiling. You can pick up quite a bit of storage by making the cabinets a little bigger. The wall cabinet above the sink is set back with voluted columns on each side with a valance. There is hidden lighting under all the wall cabinets and the base cabinet toe kicks. If you look closely the dishwasher is elevated (not standard height). Another feature that is easier on the back.

The spice rack is built into the doors with a micro wave oven below.

The stainless steel sink tray is a great place to store those SOS pads, scrubbies, bottle cleaners etc. The tray is removable when you want to clean it.

Below the sink are 2 slide out shelves to make storage under the sink more convenient. The trash that hangs off the door is a great continence every time you want to throw something away. You open the door slightly and there is, right with the door. Much better then those that slide out on drawer slides. It comes off the door with very little effort so you can easily change those plastic liners or clean it.

A custom maple silverware, knife drawer. The top knife holder slides back and forth so you can access the forks, spoons in the front and the smaller knives in the rear. As you can see below they all come out of the drawer for easy cleaning.

These tray dividers are below the two silverware drawers. Great for storing those cake, pie, and broiler pans. This one is deep enough to slide the extra oven racks in. The 2 dividers do slide out for easier cleaning. This sure beats stacking every thing. It always seems the pan you want is always on the bottom.

Here you can see the built in fridge and slide in range with a counter top on three sides. There is toe kick lighting on both sides of the range. Also, a bit hard to see, laminate cutting boards on both sides, which gives you a little more counter space when needed. Above the fridge there are some more of those pull out shelves. You just can't have enough of these. This is a 39 inch deep cabinet.

To the left of the range is where all the glassware is kept, with the linens, hot pads, and aprons in the above 2 drawers.

The two drawers to the right of the range are divide utensil drawers. The maple hardwood dividers slide out for easy cleaning. And below are more pull outs. Great location for those pots and pans.

Here is a picture of one of the cutting boards. It is laminated with the same laminate as the counter tops. This is a lot more sanitary then those old wood cutting boards. The laminate is on both sides. One for everyday use and the other is for when company comes over, lol.

More pull out shelving for those bigger items. They are solid maple with dove tailed corners and full extension roller bearing slides that allow the shelf to completely out. Now you don't have to wonder what is tucked in the back. Just a simple pull and you will be able to see it. A lot easier on the old back.

The pantry is just off the kitchen, it is 35 inches deep, 96 inches high. As you probably guessed more pull out shelving. There are 9 pull outs made out of maple hardwood with dovetail corners. In the lower right corner in the picture below is a 3 bin pull out recycling center. This is not only a great place to store food, but also those electrical gismos and gadgets.

This white kitchen use to be open on the top of the wall cabinets. We put a wooden soffit with a valance above the sink, and crown molding on the top.

Oak display/desk cabinet with lighting in the upper cabinet and in the desk niche. Desk top is oak veneer core with a solid oak edge. The solid flush oak door and drawer fronts are easy to clean.

Mini kitchenette located in a finished basement. Made with knotty pine and a light finish. The RV drop in range and bar sink keep this small. The bar fridge and microwave oven make it a complete kitchen.

Pantry cabinet that has compartments on the doors, more compartments in the center and shelves in the back for a total of 42 compartments. The upper part has one adjustable shelf. This one is not finished. Homeowner decided to finish themselves.