Stairs & Railings

Stairs and railings are simple, to complex. Straight, to many angles, to curved. Some have stock stair parts, others are custom made right in our own shop.

The wrought iron railing is made by another contractor. All the cherry treads, risers, skirts, casings, and base were made in our shop. The railing is stock, however it was bent in our shop.

Curved main level rail and basement rail. Stair casings, nosings, and wall caps are custom, made in our shop. All the curved parts a pre-bent in our shop.

Second floor rail made with stock beach stair parts. The casings, wall caps, and nosings were custom. Balusters are painted white and the rest of the stair parts have a white wash finish.

This arts and craft type stairs is white oak with a medium brown finish. All the stair parts were made in our shop.

It took a few miters for this continuous rail to make it from the bottom to the top. The nosings, casings, base, and landing caps are all custom made in our shop. The rest of the parts come right from the factory.

All the parts to this stair case were made in our shop. It goes up 3 floors. These two pictures are from the basement. The white wood box with the birch cap in the middle of the ceiling is the newel post from above.

To the left is the main level. To the right is a shot from the basement looking up.

The newels and blasters were voluted on stock parts, on all four sides. Main level picture to the left, basement shot looking up to the main level on the right.

This is about as simple as it gets. All the parts are made in our shop. Notice the voluted newel post and balusters.

Beach stair parts with a cherry finish. The left photo is on the main level looking down to the basement. The right photo is from the basement looking up. The birch casings, base, wall caps, and nosings are custom made in our shop.

Hard to see in this shot, the tapered balusters are custom voluted on four sides.

All stock oak parts here with a medium brown finish.

This oak staircase is all stock parts.

Curved on both flights. The treads are also curved on the bottom flight. The custom casings and stock rail are pre-bent in our shop.

Custom birch casings, wall caps, base, and nosings. The rail closest is curved. You can notice it more if you look at the baseboard. The pied shaped landings called for a continues rail to the top floor. The curves are pre-bent in our shop.

Oak stairs and railings are all stock parts.

All stock parts with a white wash finish.

Curved rail and stair treads. The painted blasters, cherry stained rail and newels are stock beach parts. Birch casings, nosings, base, wall caps, and curved risers are all custom made in our shop.

Most of this is stock parts. The casings, base, wall, and floor caps were custom.

Stock beach stair parts with a natural finish on a second floor loft.

Curved beach balcony rail on the second floor of a two story house. The balusters are white and the rest of the beach parts are white washed.

Custom oak shelving, wall caps, and curved bench seat on the second floor over looking the main level. The curved stock rail was pre-bent in our shop.

All beach stock parts with a white wash finish.