Here are some other custom projects we've worked on in the past.

These birch arch and columns are non supporting. They were built in the shop in 3 sections along with the table. Then brought to the job and assembled. They have a white wash finish.

This bathroom mirror frame is made from branches that the bark has nearly fallen off. The center part is birch bark glued to a stable substrate. The frame is clear coated.

These birch panels in the bathroom are raw. Homeowner decided to finish themselves. The panels are recessed with an applied custom molding. All the moldings are custom and made in our shop.

This is a communion box made for the local pastor. Made from white oak with a natural finish. The corners are box jointed together.

Same panels as above with a light brown finish. Also did the trim work and installed a new door.

Oak magazine rack with a natural finish.

Oak nicknack shelf made out of oak with a natural finish.

Beaded birch paneling entry closet with birch shelving for shoe and boot storage. Two shelves above and a seat on the left. The ceiling is also birch. There is a light brown finish on all the wood.

Oak mirror shelf with a natural finish. Place to hang things and a mirror so you look your best.

Oak paneling with a medium brown finish. This is made with oak boards over 1/4" veneer core and a stock applied moldings that were modified.

Oak nicknack shelf with a natural finish.

Tongue and grove 4 season porch. The cedar wood has a natural finish.

Tongue and grove cedar bar ceiling with a natural finish. Each piece was tapered to make them fan out from the center to the outside of the soffit

Oak hat rack with mirror and a place to show off four of your prized pictures. It has a reddish finish.

Melamine Lazy susans with laminate tops. They spin around to make things more accessible around the table. Eight of these were made for a local nursing home.

Maple iguana (in the lizard family) cage with a natural finish. The glass cage with a screen top is approximately 5 feet long. The stand is removable for easy transportation. The iguana is in the lower right part of the cage in the rear.

Oak speaker tower with a reddish finish. This one of four towers that house the speakers for a entertainment center surround system.

Custom oak light fixture with a reddish finish. The frame is a series of custom made moldings. The diffuser has a sky complete with clouds and birds to help energize the room. If nothing else it is a conversation piece. It is easily removed to change the bulbs behind.