Mantels Hearths

I make all my custom moldings. This makes you fireplace a little more unique.

This mantle replace an old 6*6 square ruff sawn log. It is made with birch with a light brown finish. The moldings are all custom and made in our shop.

Wrapped with 1/4" cherry and finish dark red is in the center of the family room and living rooms. I t has a mixture of custom and standard moldings.

This oak hearth and mantle with voluted columns on each side has a natural finish. The raised hearth has flat recessed panels and tiled on top with ceramic. These are all custom moldings made in our shop.

The flat panel hearth has a ceramic tile top. The mantel is a series of stock moldings. They are made out of birch with a natural finish.

Each one of the oak boards here have three volutes. The center is ceramic tile. A real simple look.

The columns and mantel are made out of wood and painted to look like a metal. The moldings are all custom made in our shop.